A historic and solid player


Tocqueville Finance is an asset management company that has been recognised since 1991 for its stock-picking culture in French and European equities, of all capitalisation sizes, with a fundamental and independent approach within two conviction-based management divisions: Collective Investment Management and Management under Mandate.

Owned at 99% by La Banque Postale Asset Management (LBP AM), Tocqueville Finance benefits from the robustness of a large group and the transposition of the best practices implemented by its shareholder (reporting, ethics, IT, etc.) while retaining its identity as a French conviction management boutique with the flexibility and agility of a human-sized structure.

An exclusive positioning :
stock-picking in equities

Tocqueville Finance’s collective management philosophy is based on opportunistic stock-picking, which aims to generate alpha over any period of time, while minimising the risks of high volatility. Independent in order to ensure full freedom of stock selection, it is above all a common sense portfolio management approach favouring a fundamental approach of companies in order to invest only in assets that it understands.

Fundamentally attached to the valuation of companies on both the buy and sell sides, the portfolio managers take a medium to long-term view, adapting to market circumstances and combining conviction with a sense of proportion. As stock-pickers, they favour clear business models and activities whose margin generation is understandable.

Its track record, which is particularly solid and recurrent, has survived the most sensitive periods of the financial markets.

Conviction-based equity management through 4 areas of expertise

Tocqueville Finance has a long history of working closely with French and European companies, enabling it to offer equity investment strategies based on strong convictions that integrate social, societal, environmental and governance issues for the majority of its range.

Tocqueville Finance is thus able to offer a complete range of products covering all management styles and thematics through four areas of expertise:



The agility of a small structure in developing solutions adapted to each type of investor

Tocqueville Finance’s development is based on a network of partners: distributors, asset management advisors, private clients and institutional investors in France and Europe (Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany).

As the equity management arm of the LBP AM group, Tocqueville Finance also distributes all of its parent company’s expertise in order to offer tailor-made solutions adapted to all investor profiles and regulatory constraints.


Tocqueville Finance, the equity management arm of the La Banque Postale group, also distributes all the expertise of LBP AM.