Growth style: identifying companies with solid and sustainable growth prospects

“In an environment combining weak growth and megatrends, the Growth style seeks to identify companies with a steady, visible growth profile and sustainable development prospects over the long term.”

The “Growth” style at Tocqueville Finance

  • A selection of conviction stocks to capture the diversity of growth profiles:
    • Locomotive: long-term trends ;
    • Regularity: stable growth in relatively mature markets
    • Momentum: conditions favourable to strong growth in the short to medium term;
    • Rising Star: new entrants disrupting sectors or businesses.
  • A solid and experienced team combined with LBP AM GREAT’s proprietary methodology
    • An experienced financial and extra-financial management team of 12 managers and analysts
    • A proprietary scoring on growth potential & a solid track record: a 10-year proven “Growth” management process combined with a strong SRI integration through the GREaT scoring which excludes the worst rated companies.

The key points of our “Growth” selection

  • Growth stocks positioned in a market that, according to Tocqueville Finance, is attractive, with a dominant position and/or a disruptive offer that allows them to gain market share.
  • Companies that, according to our analysis, offer solid growth prospects for their business and results, with a measured exposure to external factors.
  • Seek to capture the diversity of growth profiles, and a balance between growth momentum and company quality.
  • An in-depth and integrated financial and extra-financial analysis that looks at the structural dimension of companies – leadership, advanced technology, etc., and the cyclical dimension – business that benefits from the economic cycle.

The essential

  • A 10-year proven Growth portfolio management process that benefits from a decision support tool to qualify the Growth universe and rank stocks;
  • A selection of stocks based on the financial and extra-financial analysis of the company;
  • Rigorous and collaborative research to identify sustainable thematics and companies that integrate social, environmental and governance issues;
  • Quality of analysis and valuation ability based on an understanding of business models and the ability to generate quality growth over the long term.

Our growth funds

  • Tocqueville Croissance Euro SRI – Delegated management funds – LBP AM group ownership