Private Management

Your wealth deserves simple and transparent management


  • preserve and protect the financial interests of its clients;
  • prepare the transmission of their heritage;
  • provide solutions that allow them to benefit from additional income.


Opportunistic management

To allow you to benefit from the valuation potential offered by the different asset classes while maintaining its independent management.

Management based on conviction

To invest only in companies, asset classes or sectors that the portfolio managers understand. This allows them to be totally transparent and to be able to explain their investment choices.

Flexible management

To allow ourselves great leeway and take into account the expectations of customers aimed at optimizing the risk/return ratio.


Tocqueville Finance offers various investment methods: securities accounts, equity savings plans (PEA) and PEA-PME, life insurance or capitalization contracts.

Securities accounts and PEAs are managed by means of management mandates and life insurance or capitalization contracts by means of arbitration mandates.

A structured investment strategy

Tocqueville Finance practices diversified asset management, based on a central macroeconomic scenario developed with the strategists of LBP AM.

Tocqueville Finance Private Wealth Management follows a rigorous asset allocation process:

  • a monthly investment strategy meeting to take into account and decipher all the financial news;
  • a monthly asset selection and allocation committee to choose the securities and funds in which to invest;
  • a weekly management meeting to actively adjust the management strategy and the portfolios.

When current events require it, exceptional meetings are organised.

The convictions of portfolio managers translate into:

  • equity management based on a selection of securities likely to outperform the market in the medium/long term;
  • diversified management based on a selection of internal and external funds (Sicav, FCP, etc.).

Discretionary management: 360° support

Our strength: providing our partners with our expertise in stock-picking and selection of mutual funds

Each client benefits from management adapted to the evolution of their asset environment. Tocqueville Finance offers access to an investment universe open to all countries, all themes or sectoral areas.

4 mandate profiles:

  • Careful
  • Balance
  • Dynamic
  • Flexible

The team of private managers supports the wealth management adviser or wealth manager in all of their procedures:

  • Portfolio study and analysis of existing stocks or funds.
  • Help with the “objectives and risk acceptance” diagnosis.
  • Tailor-made pricing.
  • Assistance in compiling files.
  • Direct contact with a manager.
  • Dedicated reporting.
  • Mandated management accessible to all asset solutions.
  • Experts in live securities and OPC.

It is also for the customer:

  • The certainty of being listened to, heard and understood.
  • The taking into account of its expectations with the discretion of professionals who have a long practice of the markets.
  • An openness to information analyzed by an expert without over-reaction.
  • Daily follow-up and responsiveness that takes into account changes in its objectives and its own environment.
  • Finally, access to Tocqueville Finance’s selection of external funds from a universe of 7,000 international funds selected transparently and independently.

Tocqueville Finance, a trusted partner:

  • Active, non-benchmarked management, guaranteeing great freedom in its investment choices.
  • Recognized expertise in the selection of UCIs and live securities exercised by analysts.
  • A multi-management offer for a wide choice of funds.
  • A key word: pragmatism, for a reasoned risk management.
  • Daily follow-up and responsiveness that takes into account changes in its objectives and its own environment.