Small & Mid Cap

selecting tomorrow’s potential leaders according to our analysis

For more than 30 years, Tocqueville Finance has specialized in small and mid-cap selection. Proximity and knowledge of companies and their teams are part of our DNA »

Small & Mid Cap at Tocqueville Finance

  • Portfolio management in direct contact with the entrepreneurial world, favouring the financing of the local economy and contributing to the development of French and European small & mid cap companies.
  • A historical presence in this market to detect and analyse a sector rich in opportunities.
  • Monitoring of a deep and diversified universe characterised by niche, innovative activities and a strong capacity to adapt.
  • Companies whose particularity is to be often held by the management or a family, favoring a concrete, sustainable and long-term vision of their activity.

*Small & Mid Cap: small and mid caps

The key points of our “Small & Mid Cap” selection

  • Extensive coverage of the universe: from the smallest companies (Micro Cap,Small Cap and ETIs: capitalisations < €7bn) to the largest companies (Mid Cap: capitalisations between €7 and 12bn).
  • Active, fundamental and discretionary equity management, reflecting the portfolio managers’ convictions with a focus on liquidity.
  • Systematic combination of financial and extra-financial analysis
  • Rigorous and collaborative research to identify the champions of tomorrow with managers who have a long-term strategic vision and are less sensitive to economic and political uncertainties.

The essentials

  • A large and experienced team: four managers and an analyst with complementary profiles
  • Independent management that is not correlated to indices
  • Proven stock-picking to identify the potential leaders of tomorrow.
  • Experience: more than 30 years of experience and a strong territorial base
  • A range of funds covering the entire small & mid cap universe

Our Small & Mid Cap funds

Micro cap

  • Tocqueville PME

Small cap

  • Tocqueville Small Cap Euro ISR

Mid cap

  • Tocqueville Mid Cap Euro ISR – Delegated management funds – LBP AM group ownership