Thematics: investing in the major trends that will shape the future

“To give meaning to your investments, Tocqueville Finance offers a wide range of funds positioned on the most promising themes according to our analysis”

“Thematics” at Tocqueville Finance

For Tocqueville Finance, the objective of thematic equity management is to support with conviction companies that provide sustainable solutions to the major challenges of our world: demographics, society, climate, health, technology, etc. Without forgetting a trend that cuts across all thematic funds: the importance of extra-financial analysis. All of our thematic funds invested in European equities have obtained the SRI label (except Tocqueville Gold).

The key points of our selection

  • Megatrends to gain exposure to long-term structural trends in the global economy, which we believe are sources of opportunity: demographics, technologies, natural resources, increasing trade, and also the silver economy to capture opportunities linked to longer life expectancy.


  • Technology to invest in companies whose growth is driven by technological innovations: the digital economy, the payment and e-commerce sectors, and companies involved in new mobility, emissions reduction and medical equipment, which are rich in technological innovations.


  • France to support SMEs and the flagships of our industry. We are convinced that France has a key role to play in a rapidly changing world.


  • Energy Transition and Sustainable Development to invest in companies whose business is directly related to the environment and which are the most responsible in our four areas of analysis: Economic and Energy Transition, Regional Development, Sustainable Resource Management and Responsible Governance.


  • Gold, a thematic managed by Sprott AM, a Canadian asset manager specialized in precious metals, in order to benefit from more than 25 years of expertise in the selection of gold mines, and seek to profit from the rise in gold prices through a portfolio highly concentrated on our strongest convictions.

The essential

  • Knowledge of the companies, complementarity and experience of the managers
  • Willingness to participate in IPOs to accompany the company from the beginning of its history
  • Committed stock picking
  • Our SRI process validated and audited by a certified range

Our thematic funds

  • Tocqueville Silver Age ISR
  • Tocqueville Megatrends ISR
  • Tocqueville Global Tech ISR
  • Tocqueville Technology ISR
  • Tocqueville France ISR
  • LBPAM ISR Actions Environnement¬† –¬† Delegated management funds – LBP AM group ownership
  • LBPAM ISR Actions Euro – Delegated management funds – LBP AM group ownership
  • Tocqueville Gold
  • Tocqueville Finance ISR