Biodiversity : a change in direction is necessary

  • The issues at stake in terms of biodiversity and climate change are also intrinsically linked, with changes to the climate constituting one of the five major pressures weighing on biodiversity. Actions harming biodiversity, such as deforestation, are equally damaging for the climate and, inversely, schemes aiming to preserve and restore biodiversity have a favourable impact on combating climate change.
  • Changing use of land and seas, soil overexploitation, climate change, pollution, proliferating invasive species: these pressures, which are of human origin, are increasing and threatening ecosystems. The United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity considers that the Earth is at the beginning of its sixth “mass extinction”, which is the first extinction attributable to humankind. What does this mean? One million species are already threatened with extinction, according to the Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity & Ecosystem services, 2019.


It is therefore urgent to take action to change practices and work towards preserving nature.

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