Club Patrimoine: “Value management should do well in the coming months” Yann Giordmaïna, Tocqueville Finance

Q.: Thank you for meeting to talk about value management with a very good specialist in the matter, Yann Giordmaïna of Tocqueville Finance. You manage the Tocqueville Value Europe SRI fund. In 2 words, can you remind me of the basics of this fund?

Y.: Tocqueville Value Europe SRI is a flagship and historical fund of Tocqueville, a historical boutique on small and mid caps. It is exposed throughout the European zone, small and medium caps included. So we are quite eclectic. And no sectoral or geographical bias.

Q.: And in detail?

Y.: The fund is slightly overweight France, underweight Germany and England due to Brexit and the PEA constraint. We also have a strong SRI footprint.

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