Italy: Tocqueville Finance present at SIAT 2022

For the first time this year, Tocqueville Finance took part in the Quantech Conference 2022 (organized by SIAT), which was held in Milan on September 14

The Quantech Conference is the second of two annual meetings organized by SIAT, the first having taken place last June. SIAT is an association of quants which includes most of the leading Italian fund selectors.

The interventions during this conference deal with themes concerning the entire community (eg ESG, central banks, climate, artificial intelligence, behavioral finance, etc.)

Guillaume Lasserre, Deputy Director of Management at LBP AM, spoke on the topic “Management companies facing the challenges of extra-financial data“. Managers have to deal with an impressive amount of ever-increasing, often heterogeneous and sometimes missing extra-financial data. New information is a resource, but processing it requires investment in human resources, work tools and computer systems. An opportunity to present the organization and the means that LBP AM and Tocqueville Finance have adopted in the face of these new challenges.


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