Territories : Our civic engagement in favour of French regions

Given our DNA as a good corporate citizen and our roots in the French regions, it is vitally important for LBP AM And Tocqueville Finance to offer their expertise in service of French SMEs/ISEs in an effort to help them reach sufficient critical mass to penetrate new markets.

Our group helps fund French SMEs and ISEs through two channels – listed and unlisted investments – to offer financing solutions tailored to the support and operational development of French corporates.

Our “France is Back” approach

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Listed Financing : France features as an investment theme through two funds in our range: Tocqueville France ISR and Tocqueville PME. Both invest not only in structural champions, but also in groups with a promising future.

Unlisted Financing : LBP AM’s corporate private debt sub-fund seeks to offer debt financing support to SMEs and ISEs to help them finance new requirements, particularly by funding their investments and external growth operations. Over one hundred companies have already received this support, for a total of more than €1.7 billion through eight different funds.


Our solidarity range

4 revenue sharing funds, 1 solidarity fund : LBP AM and its subsidiary Tocqueville Finance offer the retail clients of La Banque Postale an opportunity to invest in four revenue sharing funds and one solidarity fund.

Tocqueville Silver Age ISR, LBPAM ISR Actions Environnement, LBPAM ISR Actions France, LBPAM SRI Human Rights and LPAM ISR Actions Solidaire share a portion of their management fees on all AuM with associations selected for their engagement promoting the French regions, solidarity, culture, healthcare and the environment.