Our soldarity offering

LBP AM and its subsidiary Tocqueville Finance offer the retail clients of La Banque Postale an opportunity to make investment choices that support the development of a more charitable society by investing in any of five funds that share their revenues with associations working in healthcare, culture and biodiversity preservation.


Siel Bleu

Providing the most vulnerable members of society, irrespective of their capacities, place of residence or financial situation, with the possibility to improve their health and well-being, through Tocqueville Silver Age ISR.

Siel Bleu holidays

Duration : 5 days

Concept : trying out simple tools for everyday life and sharing with others in order to get started in your professional and personal life with peace of mind.

Who are Siel Bleu holidays for ? The holidays are for anyone having suffered from any type of cancer.

Activities : (re)discovering the pleasure of eating; getting active (again) by working with Siel Bleu professionals who adapt physical activities accordingly; talking and sharing with people who have had the same experiences as you; learning about activities and tools for daily self-care (singing, theatre, yoga, socio-aesthetics, etc.) ; simply taking time for yourself.


Nature 2050

Protecting the natural environment and restoring biodiversity through LBPAM ISR Actions Environnement

Restoration of the Brévant watershed

Restoration of wetlands and forest lakes & streams through the use of Nature-Based Solutions in the Aube region (10) .

The project seeks to rehabilitate waterways no longer playing their role as catchment areas (floods and low water levels) and in water purification due to multiple developments and drainage operations in the forestry sector. Woodlands are suffering from the consequences, with massive droughts observed in the last 5 years. Reconnecting old loops and silt plugs to drained waterways helps recreate an overstock area of nearly 10 hectares. By restoring a wetland, the basin head is able to once again serve its purpose as a buffer: mitigating flooding downstream and redistributing water during periods of drought. This operation will attract endemic biodiversity and thus contribute to the preservation of typical flora and fauna in forest wetlands.


Louvre Endowment Fund

Promoting culture to a wide audience, irrespective of origin or social standing, across France through LBPAM ISR Actions France.

Missions of the Louvre Endowment Fund

Promoting the collections of the Louvre: The Louvre Endowment Fund is a non-profit organisation that uses its donations to support multiple general-interest missions such as the enhancement of the Palais du Louvre and Jardin des Tuileries and the preservation and study of the national collections held by the Louvre.
Social initiatives: the Louvre also works in rural areas without easy access to culture, disadvantaged neighbourhoods, hospitals and prisons to provide them with cultural opportunities.
Educational initiatives: discovery workshops for children, guided and explanatory tours, etc.

Human Rights

International Federation for the human rights

Ensuring the observation of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through LBPAM SRI Human Rights.


Missions of the International Federation for Human Rights:

The FIDH is a non-governmental organisation working to ensure the observation of all human rights (civil, political, economic, social and cultural, diversity and equality.
It supports and coordinates the actions of 192 leagues in 117 countries and serves as a relay for them at the international level.
Website: https://www.fidh.org/fr/

A European example on an international scale:

In late August, following complaints addressed by civil society, two of which at the initiative of the FIDH, the European Mediator launched a strategic initiative to assess how the European Commission guarantees the observation of human rights within the framework of international trade agreements.


Providing financing for activities with strong social utility such as education, integration and housing through LBPAM ISR Actions Solidaire.

The fund can make capital investments in the social and solidarity economy, thus supporting organisations such as France Active and Habitat et Humanisme.

France Active, which supports the creation and development of companies working for an inclusive and sustainable society.

For France Active, each entrepreneur can contribute solutions to meet social needs, driving the energy or environmental transition, and reducing inequalities by creating work and jobs. Each entrepreneur can be an actor for local transformation.

Habitat et Humanisme, which promotes housing, integration and creation of social ties all across France

Operating in 80 departments via 56 associations, Habitat et Humanisme is predominantly run by volunteers. Coming from all walks of life, these men and women put the association’s solidarity mission and values into practice each and every day.

Its mission: “to promote very low-cost housing in order to combat the exclusion and isolation of people in need.”