A committed and responsible collective management

Tocqueville Finance: your equity investment partner

Recognized from the outset as a specialist in value and French and European small & mid caps, Tocqueville Finance’s management expertise also covers growth style but also thematic investment in many facets (silver age, technologies, megatrends , sustainable themes, etc.).

A global provider of investment solutions, Tocqueville Finance has more than 30 years of presence on the equity markets. It considers it a strength to be able to maintain its boutique culture while being backed by a solid shareholder who brings visibility to customers and all stakeholders.

Its objective: to deliver “alpha”, year after year, thanks to an effective sharing of ideas and analyzes within the management team while favoring calibrated and empowered risk taking. The managers of Tocqueville Finance focus on innovation, move away from benchmarks to carry out stock-picking based on conviction. Their field of action is Europe with an increasingly international prism to be able to capture all market opportunities, their approach is unconstrained (all styles, all capitalization sizes, etc.)

Tocqueville Finance also focuses on the meaning and usefulness given to its investments. The management team, made up of very experienced women and men, works every day to support the companies in which it invests in integrating their extra-financial approaches.

To do this, the management company wishes to devote part of its management fees to the financing of concrete projects to promote useful finance. It has thus forged a first partnership with the Louvre Endowment Fund through its France thematic fund, Tocqueville France ISR, in order to promote the promotion of Arts and Culture in the territories.






Our investment philosophy

The management philosophy that applies to all of our funds is based on an organization in which the managers directly carry out analysis and research on stocks by combining their expertise and sharing their opinions.

3 pillars, at the foundation of this philosophy.

1. A meticulous and independent financial and extra-financial analysis

This is based on an intimate knowledge of the entrepreneurial fabric, with an emphasis on mastering business models and on proximity to the key men and women who drive them.
The financial and extra-financial analyzes of Tocqueville Finance are based on proprietary models of Tocqueville Finance and LBP AM integrating all the key dimensions of the company.
The generation of ideas is also based on the use of internal quantitative and qualitative databases that are continuously enriched.

2. Dynamic portfolio allocation

The allocation policy is guided by internal studies summarizing our main macro and micro economic views. It makes it possible to define an investment strategy in line with the phase of the current economic cycle.

3. Rigorous risk management

This is implemented at each stage of the investment process: from the analysis of the investment case – identification of the key sensitivity factors of the file, calculation of the risk characteristics of the investment – to the construction of the portfolio. . It makes it possible to manage the risk of each portfolio and to check that it reacts in accordance with the expectations of the managers over time.