Our LBP AM group: for sustainable and transparent finance

 100% eligible and SRI-labelled open-ended funds

  • A committed choice of a range of open-ended funds that are 100% SRI-labelled
  • An offer with the highest standards of quality and transparency
  • Reputation risk management with an exclusion committee

A proprietary and innovative extra-financial approach GREaT

Responsible governance

Sustainable management of natural and human resources

Energy & economic transition

Territorial development

LBP AM, a committed player


  • Strong themes: financing pensions, developing territories, supporting businesses, investing sustainably and in solidarity


  • Funds with positive contribution and impact, which contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN


  • An active engagement policy – voting rights, dialogue, market groups – to develop social, societal and environmental practices


For further

A historic leader in SRI


LBP AM wants to enable everyone to be a player in more sustainable finance, thanks to four principles that guide our business and investment for our clients.


  • Human Rights & Equality: Ensuring respect for human rights, diversity and equality of people


  • Climate: Developing a climate policy consistent with achieving carbon neutrality


  • Biodiversity: Protecting biodiversity and restoring nature


  • Territories & Employment: Promoting social cohesion, training and employment to develop territories