Value style: seeking to benefit from the rebound of undervalued stocks

“Tocqueville Finance’s Value approach seeks to invest in companies that we believe offer significant potential for medium-term appreciation. We invest when the price deviates too much from the fundamental value of the stock and when a catalyst is identified”

Value at Tocqueville Finance

  • An open and unbiased investment philosophy
  • Disciplined management that adapts to economic cycles
  • An investment universe covering all sectors and all capitalisation sizes

The key points of our “value” selection

  • A valuation multiple for each business
  • Understanding the sector’s business model
  • Analyse the specificities of the company (governance, management, history, etc.) within its sector
  • Identify one or more short- to medium-term catalysts that could lead to an increase in share price

The essentials

  • Value style: our DNA since 1991
  • A methodical and pragmatic approach
  • A proprietary database: 30 years of archived knowledge of the European equity universe
  • An intimate knowledge of European companies: over 1,000 contacts with companies per year
  • A reflection and analysis of the economic and market environment at all times
  • The contribution and mutual enrichment of Tocqueville Finance’s three other areas of expertise

Our value funds

  • Tocqueville Value Europe ISR
  • Tocqueville Dividende ISR
  • Tocqueville Value Amérique ISR
  • LBPAM ISR Actions Value Euro – Delegated management funds – LBP AM group ownership