A historic and solid player

Tocqueville Finance is a management company recognized since 1991 for its culture of “stock-picking” on French and European equities, of all capitalization sizes, with a fundamental and independent approach within 2 conviction management poles: Collective and Private Management.

Tocqueville Finance’s collective management follows a management philosophy based on opportunistic stock-picking, the objective of which is to generate alpha whatever the period, by minimizing the risks of high volatility. Independent for a full freedom of choice of values, it is above all a management of common sense favoring a fundamental approach of companies to invest in assets that it understands.

Tocqueville Finance has a historical proximity to French and European companies, enabling it to offer equity investment strategies based on strong convictions integrating social, societal, environmental and governance issues for the majority of its range.

Tocqueville Finance is thus able to offer a complete offer covering all management styles and themes through 4 areas of expertise:

  • Value
  • Small & Mid Cap
  • Growth
  • Thematic

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