LBP AM and Tocqueville Finance publish their 2023 engagement policy



LBP AM and Tocqueville Finance SA (TFSA), have made the strategic choice to be actively involved with the companies we support financially through our investment decisions, in order to encourage them to take a continuous improvement approach to managing sustainable development issues.

In particular, this dialogue is a vehicle for improving the climate performance of our portfolios and a lever for implementing our ambition to make our portfolios carbon neutral.

Conducting an active and constructive dialogue
Over and above our internal conviction, our customers, both retail and institutional, want their investments to contribute to a positive social impact and expect us, as a responsible asset manager, to conduct an active and constructive dialogue with the companies in our portfolios to support improvements in their environmental, social and governance practices.

The main objectives, the scope and the usual procedures for conducting engagement procedures are formalised in this global shareholder engagement policy, supplemented by our thematic SRI policies, which specify and set out the technical expectations for specific issues and sectors.

The principles of this policy are intended to be applied independently to each of the LBP AM Group’s two management companies. LBP AM’s policy and TFSA’s policy are applied identically to all the UCIs within their scope.

We report on the application of this policy in particular through the annual publication of an engagement report for the LBP AM Group, in order to report to our clients and stakeholders on the dialogue and engagement actions carried out, as well as the application of our voting rights.


Download our engagement policy 2023

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