Alpha League Table 2023 : Tocqueville Finance on the podium for second year running

A recognised player in conviction-based equity management of long standing, Tocqueville Finance is on the podium of the Alpha League Table for the second year running. Published by SIX, this ranking places Tocqueville Finance 3rd among the best-performing French equity managers in 2022.

The Alpha League Table is the benchmark ranking for the performance of fund managers in the equity asset class, based on a true measure of risk-adjusted performance: “Alpha*.

After figuring in the ranking for the first time in 2021, Tocqueville Finance has demonstrated its consistency by taking 2nd and 3rd place consecutively in 2022 and 2023.

As last year, this is a profound recognition of the quality of the management expertise in the fund range, which comprises 19 UCIs invested mainly in the French market and the eurozone. The majority of these funds meet the requirements of Articles 8 and 9 of the SFDR.**

Recognised expertise in stock selection

With this distinction, Tocqueville Finance – LBP AM’s dedicated equity management arm – has once again demonstrated its expertise in stock selection, using a conviction-based approach across four management styles: value, small and mid caps, growth and thematics.

Michel Saugné, Head of Equity Management at Tocqueville Finance, concludes: “This second podium in two years should be seen against the backdrop of a highly uncertain market environment, punctuated by inflationary and energy tensions and an unfavourable geopolitical context. We are proud of this award, which not only recognises the excellence and agility of our management, but also confirms the legitimacy of active management in the investment strategies of our clients.”

*Source: Alpha League Table 2023, published by SIX (ex-EuroPerformance): [link to 2023 ranking page to be added when available on 9 June]. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. They are not constant over time. The performance of UCIs is subject to market fluctuations. Investment in UCIs may involve a risk of capital loss.

** SFDR: Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation – a European regulation on the publication of sustainability information in the financial services sector.

Disclaimer: This text has been produced for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer or solicitation, nor a personalised recommendation to subscribe to Tocqueville Finance UCIs. All investments have advantages and disadvantages that need to be assessed on the basis of each investor’s personalised and carefully studied profile.

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